I was inspired to design a cat shelf because my cat had passed away. I wanted to honor her life and my memory of her. To that end, I designed a piece that would blend the life a pet cat leads with that of its owner. Part of the shelf is sectioned off for cats. There are areas meant for play, where the cat can climb and observe their surroundings, and sections that are closed off, where the feline can hide and feel safe. The rest of the shelf is for human use. The design is meant to be playful and elevate both the function of the cat shelf and the simple materials. 
This was a self-directed project that took place in my free time. I took it on in small chunks over the course of a few months. 
The materials used were chosen carefully. The shelves are made from wood, the pillars from cardboard and the frame from aluminum. Due to a glue-free design all materials used can be properly disposed of and recycled materials can be used for the whole construction.
The Soma shelf is made mainly out of plywood and cardboard tube. The plywood is ¾ thick and finished with a natural wax. Three standard sized cardboard tubes are used; 1.5in, 3in and 8in. The tubes are secured to the shelves with aluminum brackets and screws. The whole shelf comes apart for easy disposal and replacement of parts. 
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